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[2022/03/13] Integral equation methods for simulating waves in layered media

Title : Integral equation methods for simulating waves in layered media

Time : Mar. 13 (Mon), 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Place : 32356 SKKU, Suwon

Speaker : Prof. Min Hyung Cho (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)

Abstract :

In this talk, two different integral equation methods for simulating wave scattering from layered media will be discussed. The first approach for the periodically patterned layered media in two and three dimensions is to use the free-space Green’s function instead of using the well-known quasi-periodic Green’s function. This scheme overcomes slow convergence and Wood anomaly issues of the quasi-periodic Green’s function. Then, the large linear system for N-layer is efficiently solved using the Schur complement and the block tridiagonal matrix solver. Numerical results of up to 1000 layers with high accuracy will be presented. As a second approach for the layered media, layered media Green’s function method is used. The layered media Green’s function includes jump interface conditions at the cost of computing so-called Sommerfeld integrals. Application of the layered media Green’s function to a given density function is accelerated from O(N^2) to O(N) by adapting the free-space fast multipole method.

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