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Faculty Members

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 Youngjoon Hong

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Prof. of Mathematics, SKKU

Scientific computing, Deep learning, Numerical PDEs



 Eunbyung Park

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Prof. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering & Prof. of Artificial Intelligence, SKKU

Machine Learning, Computer Vision


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 Seok-Bae Yun

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Prof. of Mathematics, SKKU

My main research interests lies in the theoretic and numerical study of kinetic equations arising in the kinetic theory of gases, such as the Boltzmann equation or BGK type models.


Postdoctorial Fellows

Junho Choi

Modeling and simulation for water waves, Machine learning

Seungchan Ko

Finite Element Method,

Scientific Machine Learning

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Yunchang Seol

Computational Fluid Dynamics,

Fluid-Structure Interaction,

Discrete Geometry

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Youngjoon Hong's Lab Students

Graduate Students

Minkyung Sonn​

To Be Updated

Dongseok Lee

To Be Updated

Seunghyun Lee

To Be Updated

Huifang Zhu

To Be Updated

Jungmin Lee

To Be Updated

Eunbyung  Park's Lab Students

Graduate Students

Junwoo Cho

Physics-Informed NN, Operator Learning

Seungtae Nam

Neural Fields, Generative Models

To Be Updated

Namgyu Kang

ML for PDEs, Operator Learning

Byeonghyeon Lee

Neural Fields, 3D view synthesis, ML for PDEs

Hyunmo Yang

Operator Learning, ML for PDEs

Seok-Bae Yun's Lab Students

Graduate Students

Myeong-Su Lee

PDE (Kinetic equations), Optimization,

Machine Learning

Sung-jun Son

PDE (Kinetic equations)

Sungsu Park

PDE (Kinetic equations), Machine Learning

Ki-Nam Hong

PDE (Kinetic equations)

Hyeryoung Kim

PDE (Kinetic equations)

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